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Conclusive Facts Why

Dads Should Be Involved at home

#1 - Positive male role models

Children benefit from having positive male role models in their lives. When fathers are actively involved, they provide a strong example of responsible, caring, and nurturing behavior. This can have a positive impact on children's development and help shape their attitudes and behaviors as they grow.

#2 - Emotional development

Fathers play a unique role in children's emotional development. Research suggests that children who have involved fathers tend to have better emotional regulation and social skills. Dads often bring a different perspective and parenting style, which can complement the mother's approach and provide a more diverse emotional support system for the child.

#3 - Shared parenting responsibilities

Encouraging dads to be involved with their children helps to distribute parenting responsibilities more evenly. When fathers actively participate in childcare, it reduces the burden on mothers and allows them to have more time for themselves, pursue their own interests, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Shared parenting promotes equality within the family unit.

#4 - Bonding and attachment

Active father involvement contributes to the development of a strong bond and secure attachment between fathers and their children. When dads are involved from an early age, it helps establish a foundation of trust, love, and emotional connection. This bond provides children with a sense of security and supports their overall well-being.

#5 - Diverse parenting styles

Mothers and fathers often have different approaches to parenting, and this diversity can be beneficial for children. Dads may bring new perspectives, different play styles, and alternative problem-solving techniques. When moms encourage dads to be involved, they create an environment where children can benefit from the unique contributions each parent brings to their upbringing.

#6 - Improved academic performance

Studies have shown that children with involved fathers tend to have better academic performance. Active father engagement can positively impact children's cognitive development, educational attainment, and school engagement. Dads can provide support with homework, encourage intellectual curiosity, and be a source of motivation for their children's educational pursuits.

#7 - Enhanced self-esteem and confidence

 When fathers actively participate in their children's lives, it sends a powerful message that they are valued and loved. This affirmation can boost children's self-esteem, confidence, and overall sense of self-worth. Dads can provide encouragement, validation, and support, helping children develop a strong sense of identity.

#8 - Gender equality and breaking stereotypes

Encouraging fathers to be involved challenges traditional gender roles and stereotypes. It promotes the idea that both parents have important roles to play in raising children and that caregiving is not solely a mother's responsibility. This sets a positive example for children, promoting gender equality and dismantling harmful gender norms.

Compelling Reasons

Dads Should Be Involved at School

#1 - Positive male role models

Having positive male role models is essential for students, especially those who may not have a father figure in their lives. Dads who are involved in school activities can serve as mentors and provide support, guidance, and encouragement to students who may benefit from having a positive male influence in their lives. Seeing dads involved in school activities can also help break down stereotypes and promote gender equality.

#2 - Improved academic performance

Dads who are involved in their child's education can help improve academic performance by supporting their child's learning at home and encouraging good study habits. Additionally, when dads are engaged in school activities, they can provide insights into their child's strengths and weaknesses, which can help teachers tailor their instruction to better meet the child's needs.

#3 - Increased attendance

When dads are involved in school activities, students are more likely to attend school regularly and on time. Dads can provide transportation, ensure their child is ready for school, and create a routine that emphasizes the importance of attendance. By emphasizing the importance of school attendance, dads can help instill good habits and attitudes toward education in their children.

#4 - Stronger sense of community

Dads who are involved in school activities help to create a stronger sense of community among families, teachers, and staff. By attending school events and volunteering their time, dads can get to know other parents, teachers, and staff, and establish a supportive network that benefits the entire school community.

#5 - Enhanced school safety

Dads who are involved in school activities can help improve school safety by volunteering as chaperones for field trips or other school events. Dads who are visible in the school community can also serve as an additional layer of security and help deter potential safety threats.

#6 - Greater parental involvement

When dads are involved in school activities, it can help to increase overall parental involvement. By setting an example and encouraging other parents to get involved, dads can help build a community that values education and parental engagement.

#7 - Improved behavior

Dads who are involved in their child's education tend to have higher expectations for their child's behavior and are more likely to set clear boundaries and consequences. By setting a good example and providing structure and discipline, dads can help their child develop good behavior habits that translate to success in school and life.

#8 - Increased confidence

Dads who are involved in school activities tend to feel more confident in their parenting skills and their ability to support their child's education. By taking an active role in their child's education, dads can demonstrate their commitment to their child's success and feel more confident in their ability to meet their child's needs.

"Dads really DO want to be involved, but at most schools they just don't feel needed or appreciated"

FBI Dads

In Their Own Words

When Moms Encourage Dads...


Are less likely to seek mom's attention constantly


Are more likely to become engaged in family and school activities


Are better balanced, adjusted, conflict free and happier


Become more about activities to increase quality time together


Finds perfect harmony with family, friends and other priorities


Will gravitate to your home, which is a great sign you're winning

More FBI Dads... In Their Own Words

Seeing the excitement

Spending breakfast time w/ your kids & their friends and then seeing the excitement on all the kids faces when reading To them is an experience you cannot get anywhere else.


Connecting with other fathers

It’s been a great experience connecting with other fathers. More importantly, spending time connecting with my kids.


Amazing feeling

The FBI Dad experience has been awesome, being able to take the time out and feel included in my daughter's school experience and not having the responsibility solely on my wife is an amazing feeling.


Rain, sleet, or snow

My son and husband went to FBI DAD Rain, sleet, or snow. It was their bonding time. 😍

Wife of FBI Dad

If you can read...

If you eat breakfast., you can do this. If you can read a book, you can do this. If you have a kid, he/she wants you to do this. Let's do this.


Impact is HUGE!

FBI Dads is such a great group to be part of. The time commitment is small, but the impact is huge. Some of my child's favorite moments have been during an FBI Dads breakfast, reader day, or cleanup day.