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Be The Dad You Wish You Had - Ryan Roy

Lesson 1: Educate Yourself
Lesson 2: Skin to Skin
Lesson 3: Change Diapers
Lesson 4: No Baby Talk
Lesson 5: Talk at Eye Level
Lesson 6: Tummy Time
Lesson 7: Anticipate Their Needs
Lesson 8: Create a Schedule
Lesson 9: Itsy Bitsy Spider
Lesson 10: Children Sleep in Their Own Crib/Bassinette ONLY

Lesson 11: Find Their Tickle Spots
Lesson 12: Speak to Them as if They Understand You NOW!
Lesson 13: Never Say NO!
Lesson 14: Give Directions
Lesson 15: Play Music
Lesson 16: Just Dance
Lesson 17: Encourage Physical Activity
Lesson 18: Build Puzzles
Lesson 19: Building Blocks
Lesson 20: Paint, Color, Draw

Lesson 21: Throw the Ball
Lesson 22: Build Forts with the Sofa
Lesson 23: Reward the Behavior You Desire
Lesson 24: Squeeze Lemons
Lesson 25: Let Them Take Risks
Lesson 26: Go Hiking
Lesson 27: Go to the Park and Play
Lesson 28: Feed the Ducks and Geese
Lesson 29: Share Your Passions
Lesson 30: Be Your Childs Hero

Lesson 31: Ask Them to Repeat Words
Lesson 32: Celebrate All Successes
Lesson 33: Watch the Olympic Games
Lesson 34: Create Traditions
Lesson 35: Tell Them "I Love You"
Lesson 36: Clean Up Time
Lesson 37: Create a Routine
Lesson 38: Daddy Talk Time
Lesson 39: Communicate Change
Lesson 40: Read Daily

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