Lesson 15 - Play Music

Be The Dad You Wish You Had - Ryan Roy

The video below is NOT a word for word reading of the book. It is the author giving a different perspective on the text to help YOU get a deeper understanding of the material

Play Music for your kids.

Music brings life to the soul. Children remember things through music. That is why there are so many kids’ songs and nursery rhymes. Music and singing are learning connectors. Children will naturally move when they hear certain songs. Music brings joy, laughter, motion, and emotion. Play uplifting child friendly music. In addition, play music that you enjoy so your child witnesses how you enjoy music too.

If you think back to your own childhood or adolescence, some of your more profound memories may include music. For our family and me the holidays come to mind. Christmas carols are a big part of holiday tradition. There is typically music playing in the background when we are celebrating any gathering.

In our home, we decided to get a Karaoke machine. Some of the earliest videos we have are of him singing and rocking out to Wheels on the Bus. These are opportunities to connect and grow as a family and it’s as simple as putting your favorite music on in the background and letting your children see the joy it brings to you.

Just recently I caught my five year old singing every commercial that came on the television. I realized that there are songs from commercials that still linger in my mind 30+ years later. Music connects us in so many ways; make sure to use it as a tool to connect your family.

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