Lesson 26 - Go Hiking

Be The Dad You Wish You Had - Ryan Roy

The video below is NOT a word for word reading of the book. It is the author giving a different perspective on the text to help YOU get a deeper understanding of the material

Go Hiking or for Walks.

One of my favorite things I do with my son is going for walks, in what we call “The Spooky Forest.” It is a wooded area on a trail we have near our home. You do not need a “Spooky Forest” to enjoy a walk with your child. Fresh air and conversation coupled with some exploration can build a bond that will last a lifetime. We have some of the best talks on our walks. We bond through exploration. I encourage him to use all of his senses while we are exploring. We listen for birds chirping, we touch the bark of trees, we smell the fresh air.

We only truly know what we experience in life. Later, when we read about these things in books, he has a greater understanding because of those experiences.

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