Lesson 30 - Be Your Childs Hero

Be The Dad You Wish You Had - Ryan Roy

The video below is NOT a word for word reading of the book. It is the author giving a different perspective on the text to help YOU get a deeper understanding of the material

Be Your Childs Hero.

When I started creating the outline for this book and I wrote, “Be Your Kids Hero,” the story I’m about to tell had not yet happened. We were getting ready for bath-time one evening and he noticed that my computer was up and running a Word document. It was this book. He asked me what it was and I said, “It’s a book that I’m writing about you.” He was at the stage of learning to write his own words and sound them out. He asked if he could write some words. I very quickly made sure my work was saved and said, “Please. Go ahead. What word do you want to spell?” He said, “Zero.” We proceeded to sound out the word and he typed it. He then asked how to spell the word hero. I mentioned that it rhymed with the word zero, which meant that it is spelled similarly. I asked him what letter it began with. He then proceeded to spell the word and type it in on his own.

When he was done, he asked if he had done it correctly. I checked it and he had. I then looked at him and asked him who his hero was. My expectation was he would say Superman, Batman, Hulk, Captain America or any of the other super heroes that he was familiar with.

To my pleasant surprise, without hesitation, he said, “Daddy, you are. ”For a parent who puts as much energy and effort into their child as I do, no greater words could have been spoken.

All of these things I’m discussing in this book are about spending time and making a conscious effort to insure the time you spend is quality time and well thought out. Even if it is not well thought out, all our children want is our time; all they want is us. They love their parents unconditionally, good or bad because we are what they know. We are where they came from. If you do not believe me here is a quick test you can run mentally through your head. I do not suggest actually doing it.
Some parents believe that giving their children all the material things in the world is what they want. Here is the test.

Ask your child if they want to go to Toys ”R” Us.

(They recently went out of business, so choose your favorite toy store instead)

The answer will be yes.

Go to your toy store of choice and bring them to their favorite section of that store. Tell your child that they can have everything in this store that they want. Then attempt to leave them there. After all, they have everything that they “want”. Let them know that they will never see you again because they have everything that they “want”. Start walking away and see if your child wants all those toys or if they want you and your time (you do not have to actually do this exercise). You know what the answer is. They will take you over all of that stuff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you know this to be true in your heart, start giving more of yourself today. Just about every lesson in this book is about giving more of yourself.
The best way to be your child’s hero is to give them you, your time, and your attention.

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