Lesson 9 - Itsy Bitsy Spider

Be The Dad You Wish You Had - Ryan Roy

The video below is NOT a word for word reading of the book. It is the author giving a different perspective on the text to help YOU get a deeper understanding of the material

Itsy Bitsy Spider, Patty Cakes, Head-Shoulders-Knees and Toes.

These are all simple games that you can play with your child. They are fun and interactive. They typically have some type of rhyme, and they allow you to look at your child at eye level, which helps you connect. There is usually a ton of laughter which is another connector. I suggest you play these games as often as possible. I just played one of these games with my son. He is five years old and he is still cracking up hysterically to Patty Cakes.

New parents may not know what to do to entertain an infant. Remember everything you do with them is completely new. They are sponges at this age. Every word, sound, smell, taste, song, and facial expression is new to them. They are ready for learning and growing. Doing these rhymes reinforces that.

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