Ryan Roy's Amazon Bestselling Book...

Be The Dad You Wished You Had

40 Power Lessons To Become A Powerful Dad

This Incredible Book Will Help You To:

  • Create a calm, loving environment for the whole family
  • Virtually eliminate the chaos and dysfunction most families endure
  • Connect with your children in a way you never realized was possible
  • Raise confident, self aware children who make you proud to be their Dad
  • Wives... you will have a top 1% husband who is a Dad to brag about!!

Downloadable Book

Same great book, but you can get it immediately. Read it on your phone, tablet, computer... anywhere you'd like in standard PDF Format.

Start putting the lessons to work for you and your family today!

"Enhanced" Audio Book

Same great book, but expanded explanations of each chapter instead of just the author reading it. Now you can enjoy the 40 Power Lessons while you drive, relax or any other time you find the time to improve your parenting skills.

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Video Version of the "Enhanced" Book

Same audio version as the audio version above, but in on-line, MP4 video format. Some of us learn better and/or pay more attention in video format. You will immediately receive a link to an exclusive web page with each individual video lesson.

Watch AND listen to Ryan as he delivers his fantastic book chapter by chapter. 

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