Show Notes:

1:50 Go back and listen to episodes 273 and 274 if you haven't already
2:35 What are the strongest memories of your Dad?
2:55 Whatever you remember MOST, is likely the type of dad you had
3:55 I had the absent father, because I was abandoned at 5 years old
4:30 I'm a life coach so I've seen it AND I've experienced
5:00 What are the happiest moments you remember with your Dad?
6:00 Write down the memories that you have...
6:15 What are the negative memories you have of your Dad?
8:15 Whatever it is that you wished of your father, be that for your child
8:55 Don't say what you're "NOT" going to do
9:20 What's the biggest fear you have with raising your child?
10:45 I have a mantra, or goal... I wish to have the respect of my adult children and no "thing" or no "fling" will come between that
12:00 There are only two things that kids really need: to feel safe and feel loved
12:40 Write down 5 things that YOU believe a good father should do or be (feel free to reference last week's podcast)
13:40 Name 3 things you hope to accomplish as a father (and here are my 3)
14:50 Name three things that you do NOT want to repeat from what your dad did
15:35 Tell your kids these three things EVERY day
16:10 I'm sure my 8 year old "gets" it now
17:25 What's your biggest insecurity about being a father?
17:50 Write down 2 to 10 positive male role models you had growing up
18:55 What's your relationship with your mother like?
20:05 All of these things add up to being the dad you wish you had
20:25 You cannot be in a place of gratitude and angry about the way you were raised at the same time
21:40 Break the cycle. This is your chance.

Ryan Roy

Ryan's father abandoned him when he was only five years old. After getting married, his biggest fear was having a child and not knowing how to be a good dad. After studying everything he could find, writing a bestselling book, hosting 300 episodes of a popular parenting podcast, PLUS growing an immensely successful FBI Dads program at his own kids' school... Ryan has decided to share what he's learned. FBI Dads is Ryan's life mission. Ryan welcomes YOU to join him in this journey to help dads connect, be present and be a positive influence on their children.