Show Notes:

1:00 Glenn Lundy:
3:00 Intentional activities
4:00 Productivity and fulfillment
4:30 Principles of success in parenting: #1 morning routine
5:05 Download Glenn's free ebook
5:15 Glenn's BIG 5 things to do every morning
5:40 The typical car business routine... is failing them
7:45 The "67 Day Challenge"
8:15 That's how long it takes to have a physiological change
10:10 Structure and morning routines are the bedrock of parenting
11:07 Preparing for the trip vs surprise
14:45 I never know God's plan but I know it's good
15:03 I know I'm not powerful enough to keep my kids on course or knock them off of it
18:30 Even with COVID: you can NOT take a kid off their path
21:20 We've created generations of sheep following others instead of leading
24:00 Don't plant the seeds in your children, water them
25:00 You can either be a consumer or producer. Start producing
26:25 You need to come to an FBI Dads breakfast to understand
27:25 "How do kids spell LOVE?"
29:15 Kids will love those that serve them with what they need
30:10 Just 15 minutes a day with a child can be all they need
31:30 We can argue or we can say yes
33:35 Talk to them as if they understand now
34:45 Go the to find all the ways to get in touch with Glenn
35:50 Glenn's Facebook group has raised over $700k for various causes
41:00 Are you 100% in sync and integrity? If so, your spouse will follow and support

Ryan Roy

Ryan's father abandoned him when he was only five years old. After getting married, his biggest fear was having a child and not knowing how to be a good dad. After studying everything he could find, writing a bestselling book, hosting 300 episodes of a popular parenting podcast, PLUS growing an immensely successful FBI Dads program at his own kids' school... Ryan has decided to share what he's learned. FBI Dads is Ryan's life mission. Ryan welcomes YOU to join him in this journey to help dads connect, be present and be a positive influence on their children.