Focus on the kids first... not a great plan. In fact, it's the opposite of what you should be doing. You are an individual first, then part of a couple THEN you are a parent.

Show Notes:

​0:50 Focus on the kids? Really?
2:00 5 dates in 50 days... not for us right now
2:40 A different commitment
3:00 Three hoola hoops in a relationship
4:25 Extreme circumstances is different
5:00 Self first, then the relationship
5:30 Focus on what?
6:15 Examples that work... then what?
6:50 Focus on the marriage else the kids will suffer
7:20 First, I'm a husband... then the other things
8:20 Men have egos!!!
8:44 Women need communication...
9:20 Validation
9:45 Closer or further apart
10:00 Just listening is better than saying the wrong thing
10:45 ... now for you ladies
11:25 Painting the room... you missed a spot!
12:20 Men want to please their women
12:45 The right example
13:25 Stroking the male ego
13:40 Pour into each other, the proper way
14:00 Kids feel their parents relationship
14:10 Staring into the eyes of a stranger

Ryan Roy

Ryan's father abandoned him when he was only five years old. After getting married, his biggest fear was having a child and not knowing how to be a good dad. After studying everything he could find, writing a bestselling book, hosting 300 episodes of a popular parenting podcast, PLUS growing an immensely successful FBI Dads program at his own kids' school... Ryan has decided to share what he's learned. FBI Dads is Ryan's life mission. Ryan welcomes YOU to join him in this journey to help dads connect, be present and be a positive influence on their children.