Self Esteem is extremely important. Self esteem means having confidence that you can handle whatever life throws at you. Here are 10 ways you can help your child build their confidence.

Show Notes:

1:10 A father believing in his children can change them forever
1:45 1: Praise your child
3:40 2: Support their friendships
6:47 3: Trust your child
9:08 4: Set small goals
10:44 5: Activate motivation
12:02 6: Set realistic boundaries
14:18 7: Don't make things perfect
16:50 8: Make time for two way communications
19:34 9: Encourage emotional intelligence
21:40 10: Respect your child's privacy
25:18 As a wise woman said, mistakes are good if we learn from them

Ryan Roy

Ryan's father abandoned him when he was only five years old. After getting married, his biggest fear was having a child and not knowing how to be a good dad. After studying everything he could find, writing a bestselling book, hosting 300 episodes of a popular parenting podcast, PLUS growing an immensely successful FBI Dads program at his own kids' school... Ryan has decided to share what he's learned. FBI Dads is Ryan's life mission. Ryan welcomes YOU to join him in this journey to help dads connect, be present and be a positive influence on their children.